Jan. 12th, 2009

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*Mel sits on the window seat with her arms wrapped around her knees, looking out at fake-Winchester. She moved all of Mail's things into the closet, because seeing them made her too unhappy. She's not sure if she's gone numb out of self-preservation or if she's simply too tired to feel anything.

Not here. If none of the spell worked, he's in his world. Mel hasn't seen his Mihael in a while; she's most likely there too. If the spell worked partway, he's in her world, with Kira still out there. Twelve days. Last time he was taken away, every day here was a month for him. God only knows what he's been going through, while Mel searched and waited, and tried to hide the cracks, and put off for pride's sake what she's increasingly certain she has to do.

He could still come back, she tells herself. But. Ryuuzaki's gone and returned. And B said the link was strained, days ago. If Mail's suffering, lost or hurt or worse; if their bond is close to breaking... What choice does she have, anymore?

She sits up straight and puts her feet on the floor.*

Sissy? I need to talk to you.


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