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[Mel leads Mail to the War Room, and looks over at him as they come in, trying not to make it obvious that she's studying him for a sudden change, or a sign, or something. She's not even sure what it would be like if it did heal him. From what she's heard, she's not confident it'll do anything at all, but it is worth a try.]

Pretty fuckin' cool, huh?
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[Mel describes the layout of the room for Near as she stands aside to let him in.]

There's a desk on your left, with a chair at it, and the bed is against the wall on the right. Straight ahead of you there's a window seat. You can sit anywhere you like. I dunno if your Wammy's House was like mine, but this is just like my room was there.
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Musics! I like to share. I'm a big enough dork that I have a little playlist called "Mello" on my MP3 player. :D

And Mel says: If girl!Light can do it, so can I, dammit!

She's not a girl who misses much )
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Mostly for my reference, and a place to comment if anyone wants. Especially since I decided the other stuff I had here made more sense as Mel's paper journal, and privated it. Still figuring this out! :D

Mel grew up at Wammy's House with everyone you'd expect. She idolized L, and wanted L, and wanted to be L, and yeah. It's a little bent. She and Matt were close friends, but when he hit about 12 and suddenly became acutely aware that Mel's a girl, they lost a lot of the ease they had with each other. She'll say she hates Near, and she'll mean it, but it's more complicated than that. She reluctantly admires him, in a "worthy adversary" sort of way. She's been striving to reach his level all her life, and sometimes he and L get a little tangled up in her mind. She knew B slightly, and felt sorry for him, and, just maybe, can see some unsettling parallels between him and herself. She knows A's story, but didn't know him personally.

After L's death, she left the House to make her own way. It's been about three years, and she's made good progress. She never pretended to be a boy at the House, but for the sake of self-preservation in the life she chose, it was a no-brainer. She's skinny enough and can pitch her voice low enough to pass as a guy, albeit a pretty one.

She's formed an odd sort of friendship with Rod (the only Mafia member who has figured out she's a girl) and is rising through the ranks of the LA underworld. She used her detective skills to find out who killed some members of Rod's family, tracked them down, and gave him the info so he could deal with them. That won his respect and made him realize she'd be useful. She has not yet brought the Mafia the head of the rival faction's leader like OU!Mello did. She might take more of a "become indispensible" approach than a "showy gesture" approach. She doesn't want people getting too interested in her, after all.

She hasn't seen Matt or Near since she left Wammy's House. (Not in person, anyway. She's pretty well up on what Near's doing. She lost track of Matt some months ago.) She's putting the pieces together in the Kira case, but has not yet confirmed the existence of the notebook or the identity of L's primary suspect.

She is religious, but in a slightly skewed way. She still goes to confession sometimes. She swears all the time, but won't blaspheme.

Mel loves: dark chocolate (especially with chili powder in it), her guns, shiny leather, riding her motorcycle, and thunderstorms.

She hates: Kira, stupid people, wearing dresses, and being patient.


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