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Birthdate:Jan 3

Name: The ID I've got on me says Morgan Kielty, but it also says I'm 25, so. You can call me Mel. My "official" alias, assuming such a thing is possible, is "Mello," but no one's called me that in a long time.

Bio: I went to live at Wammy's House when I was 5. Guess it was pretty much like in most other worlds that have it. L visited sometimes. Matt was my best friend there, Near and I... well. You can imagine, I'm sure. I left when I was 14 and made my way to LA to acquire manpower and resources. Hey, the world isn't gonna save itself. That's what I was doing when I got pulled into this crazy interdimensional clusterfuck. I'm 19 in my timeline. Oh, and I'm Catholic, but kind of a bent one. (Ha, is there any other kind?)

Appearance: Look; there's a picture right there. Yeah yeah, I'm a Mello, and I'm a girl. Why do people think that's weird? I'm 5'6" and weigh about 110, and when I get to pick what I wear, thanksverymuchmansion, it's black leather pants with a matching vest, and a long chocolate-colored coat. The pockets are full of stuff: the MP3 player my boyfriend gave me, my Glock .357 (I told L I'd be sensible, but there's sensible, and then there's stupid, right?), usually a bar of Lindt or three, and assorted useful shit. Hey, they're big pockets. I almost never take off my rosary, and I really never take off my promise ring.


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blowing shit up, dark chocolate, guns, l, leather, motorcycles, my very own matt, nears who aren't kira, saving the world

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